Multitasking Queen

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For years I have known that I get bored easily and not only that but I feel good when I have multiple projects going on at the same time. I found great joy in knowing that I don’t have to be stuck doing only one thing but that I could switch  things up. In the beginning I was afraid to admit it to people because I was scared of being labelled as unfocused and personally I was scared of this multitasking need because I thought my inability to focus on one thing for too long will have me changing my mind and leaving things unfinished even in my career. So I forced myself to focus on school and every other project I wanted to do on the side I never tried. Another reason I never tried to pursue other interests then was also the fear that maybe I will never find what I really like. The common trend here was FEAR. So I focused on getting my qualifications even though I was quite miserable while I was doing my first degree. During the second one I kept telling myself that I was in a new country and my parents were paying for my studies so I could not afford to fail my course, however, it was during this time that the urge to do more was becoming stronger and I could not suppress it any longer so I decided to give my other interests a chance before I lost my mind. 

I allowed myself to do everything I wanted to do. I always loved public relations and branding and felt I wanted to learn more about it so I registered for a PR course, completed it with Cum Laude. Apart of me always wanted to work for an NGO so thehe following year I applied for a position in the Marketing department of an NGO. I loved it so much, it was a breath of fresh air doing what I have always wanted to do. I believe pursuing my interest outside of my studies made me better at my school work.  I got the confidence to do anything that came to mind. Some of the stuff I have done that I have always wanted to do are:

  • Got a mountain bicycle and started cycling
  • Got a Sewing machine and did a few DIY projects
  • Had my entire room painted dark grey now I am changing it all thanks to Pinterest
  • Started tutoring University students
  • Started this blog
  • Crocheted a necklace
  • Started a packaging business (blog coming soon)
  • Registered for a Masters in Environmental Law

Lately I have been trying to maintain my sanity by doing what catches my interest however I have realized my plate has been so full with work and school that I don’t get time to do other projects that I want to do. I know it requires great time management and balancing act that I am struggling with right now and hope this will change soon so I can create all the great things I was destined to do…



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