Bounce Back

My first semester results came out last week and I decided not to check them at all. I have always wanted to study law and finally registered this year, however, I  underestimated the time required to completely cover and understand the work. There were times I wanted to quit and made all the excuses in the world as to why it was fine for me to give up and bury my dream of learning law. The sigother kept encouraging me not to give up so I kept going. When the results came  last week I figured they will not change so there was no rush in checking it. 

I told my sigother that my results were available but will not check them because I am afraid I have failed everything. He replied that if I did fail I will bounce back. Those words stuck with me the entire weekend. People who know me very well know that I struggle to let things go. I am the type that would make a mountain out of a ant hill. Spend time decorating the mountain with so much worry that there will be no trace of the ant hill in the end. That was the person I was.

Today I decided to check my results and I immediately bounced back. It will take time to make bouncing back come second nature to me but it feels good and it is a feeling I am willing to work hard for.


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