What Kept Me Going

This was a question my psychologist asked me in my last session after I related the emotional space I was in 2012-2014.  Those years were trying years, family was far and school was draining. I think if I ever wanted to give up that was the perfect time to do that. I had my first anxiety attack during that time, I was in constant fear and felt like I was not good enough most of the time. In spite of all that I woke up every morning and kept it moving. I don’t know how but I just did. The question from my psychologist is one I never thought about, I guess I never took time to take a step back and ask myself how I made it through. How did I continue bending so much to a point of breaking but never did break. I had to search really deep for the answer. The only answer I got was that

Greater Is He That Is In Me…


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