What Is Enough

I have been struggling with the question about being enough for a few weeks now and seeing as I am a thinker I tried to get to the root of the meaning of the expression: I Am Enough. What does it even mean? Enough for who, what? When I complete a task what is enough? When should I be satisfied with my end product? When it comes to helping out financially am I doing enough or could I do more or am I overextending myself?

My therapist said my enough should have a beginning and an end. I should have boundaries for what it is, it is all good and nice to tell yourself that you are enough but those are empty words they should have meaning. I thought I had found meaning for them a month ago and felt really good but only to discover that I have fallen off the wagon and was back to saying the empty words to myself so I can get a temporary fix for that moment. Now I see myself slowly slipping into a dark corner and knowing very well that I cant continue holding on to empty words.

What does enough mean in my career?

What does enough mean in my relationships?

What does enough mean in my finances?

What does enough mean in my passions?

I am longing to find a beginning and an end for my enough.

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