What if……



I have been having a lot of what ifs the few days. I know from past  what ifs that when they show up, it is a sign that I am on the path that I am suppose to be but too scared to pursue further. So I made a list of positive answers to my what ifs

What if….

  • I do get customers who will buy all my products
  • I fly
  • I am able to influence millennials to change their financial habits
  • I get funding to study law next year
  • I  change my lifestyle and become fit
  • I get the chance to build my dream home
  • I get to sit on the Board of three organisations
  • I become more self assured
  • I put all my crazy ideas into action.
  • I become more creative

Have you have been struggling with self doubt lately? I would love to hear of how  you got over it…


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