Flourish Where You Are

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I hate my life….

I need to make extra money…..

I wish I could travel more…….

I wish I could had more time to do what I love……

I wish I had a better job……

I wish I could go back to school……

I wish my partner would……

I wish my job was challenging….

I wish I was 20 kg’s lighter….

Today on my way to work a question popped up in my mind. If I stop breathing at this moment would I be satisfied with the feelings I have had for the past 24 hours? My answer would be a BIG NO!!! Life can get frustrating sometimes, you may feel like there is no breakthrough even when you pray for change but nothing seems to be changing which ends up with you living in the future or reminiscing about the past and forgetting to enjoy the now because the present might be painful. There are some circumstances when there is nothing one can do to physically change their situation but mentally you can change your mindset about your situation. Take a moment to ask yourself ‘what are you doing about the situation you are in’? Maybe  whatever you are going through is there to make you stronger and  wiser, what if the place you find yourself is where you need to be in order for you to flourish?

The image I used in this blog is of a plant I first saw a few days ago, this little resilient plant was standing firm as water was gushing around it for weeks, yesterday while collecting samples in the same area I noticed that the water had dried up, the entire area looked so dreadful except for the little plant. Amidst all the drama going around it, it managed to flourish.

Flourishing doesn’t only happen during drizzles or sunny days, flourish during your storms as well, you might be surprised by the person that emerges at the end of it all.


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  1. Ndapewa

    July 22, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Just want i needed to hear today..

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