The Art of Doing Nothing

I grew up in a home where doing nothing was a sign of laziness. Not doing anything at all was unacceptable to a point that one had to wake up as early as 6 am during the weekend even if you had nothing to do. When you are awake you will find something to do. My mother has a saying that goes: “nothing good comes out of sleep”. I kept those words so close to me that  when I left home for university I would be up by 6 am every single day even when my classes started a bit later. When I moved to South Africa where I could even sleep the whole day, in the back of my head my mother’s words kept haunting me.

There is a difference between being busy because you need to be and being busy that leads to one being productive. I never knew the difference. You must have met some people who always look like they are upto something, you will never see this particular person sitting and resting (especially at events) but at the end of the day this same person has not done anything, the dishes are still not washed, the floor is not cleaned and the laundry that they were (amongst other things) busy doing is still in the basket and not hanged. This are the people who need to learn the art of doing nothing. Personally I was that person who would either not complete a task or complete it half washed (my excuse was that I could not give 100% to a particular task because I was “busy”… excuses, excuses, excuses).

Being productive is when at the end of your task one is able to see the results of their labour and be proud of their work. However, you will notice that productive people take breaks during their work and they are focused most of the time on one task before moving on to the next and to be honest they just look happy doing whatever they are busy with and that is the most important part. Busy people on the other hand look miserable when working.

Looking busy and running around like a headless chicken just so you feel like you are doing something is a waste of energy. Sitting for an entire hour meditating or gazing at the stars/flower does not make you a lazy person at all. Rest is important, you deserve to take breaks during the day and just do nothing.

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