Support System


We might go through situations in your lives that might look like they will never end and it is at that time that you need a strong support system around you to get you through. A few years ago I went through something and looking back now I wouldn’t have made it through without SUPPORT from my family and friends.

I have written about a failure I am most grateful that was when I failed my first year at University, I failed one of my majors, a subject that was quiet easy so I was shocked when I failed it. In High School I had a B average so I just thought I would smoothly slide through University, I guess I underestimated the subjects and didn’t really put in as much effort as I should have. Fast forward end of the first year, I got my results and I failed Biology 1B, mind you biology was and also will be one of my favorite subjects. I was not really worried because I got a sup so I had a second chance to rewrite it and I knew I would pass it. I studied during the December holiday and I was ready for the exams which I must say was very easy, but when I got my results, I had failed AGAIN. The first emotion I felt was embarrassment, I thought of what my parents would say because me failing meant I had to go home for an entire semester and only come back second semester and it would also mean my peers would be a year ahead of me. All that didn’t matters as much as disappointing my parents.

The first person I called was my older sister and I explained to her what had just happened, I knew she would be understanding and supportive because she has always been the shoulder we all cry on, she is our rock and she would be in a better position to explain everything to my parents. She was the first person to make everything look like it was not so much of a big deal but deep in my heart I knew I still had to face my parents. It broke me knowing that I had disappointed them so much, I was dreading going home but I had to.

I eventually I went home and the first person I saw my mother…. What she said changed everything for me, she told me that everything will be fine, before I know it I will be back at school and will be done with my degree. Growing up my parents were always strict (and they still are). My entire time at home they were both so supportive and never  even mentioned anything about me flunking my major.

What I learned from that experience was that we should never underestimate the power of support, those kind words and just lending one an ear during their difficult time could determine whether the person grows from that experience or they give up all together. I am blessed to have a very strong support system around me and they helped me through some really tough situations, one particular situation was where I thought I could never survive it because I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest but my family and friends lend me their shoulders during those times reminded me to inhale and exhale for everything will be alright again.

I hope after reading this post you will reach out to everyone you think needs a shoulder today or just text your loved ones some encouraging words, they might need it the most at this moment.

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