Onhwa – Eagle

Last year the sigother and I were on a trip to one of the national parks here in Namibia. While on the game drive I kept on asking him to translate the animal names into our native language. I then asked him what an eagle is and he told me the most beautiful word I have ever heard. An eagle in my language is called ONHWA. I instantly fell in love with the word because I have a thing for strange looking words with powerful meanings (like my own first name).

From that point I could not get that word out of my mind, I have since named my packaging business Onhwa Packaging (IG: Onhwa Packaging) and that it is the name I will give my first born child, male or female. Characteristics of eagles fascinate me so much but the one that stands out for me is that they are visionaries.  These mighty birds push beyond the limits in pursuit of what they want. If you ask me now if I have ever been a visionary I would say yes. At the age of around 16-22 I think I had a clear vision of where I wanted to be. I was laser focussed and trust me I got almost everything I had envisioned for myself. Lately I can’t even envision what I will eat for dinner, I have lost my ability to push myself to the limits yet I feel I need to get back to that place.

The first time I saw an eagle with my own two eyes was in October. I was working during the weekend and decided to drive around the mine for an inspection. I saw  a bird on a rock that was not familiar to me but I drove past it, when I drove back to the same area, the bird was still in the same spot. I decided to take a picture of this beautiful bird to find out what this bird was doing in such a noisy place. To my surprise I noticed that the bird had a guinea fowl in its claws and was slowly removing the feathers. I kept on taking pictures until the bird flew off. I followed this bird that I was curious about for another 40 minutes or so before it finally flew to higher grounds that I could not access with the car. I later learned that the bird I saw a Martial eagles (Polemaetus bellicosus). I have since seen another different eagle just last week. I guess I am in a place where I know I am missing vision for myself and I believe whatever I seek is seeking me too. These eagle omens are just reminders to me that I need to to push beyond my limits of self-discovery, to be more courageous and to step out of this comfort zone I have become accustomed to. It is scary I will admit I am afraid, but this place I am right now is becoming very uncomfortably boring and mentally unhealthy


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