Mental Strength

As an introvert I live inwards, in my little word that is silent and peaceful. That has worked for me for years and I enjoyed it a lot but as I am getting older I am forced to interact with the world and to be in constant contact with it. I was on Facebook for a few years until I deactivated my account a few years ago because it was just too noisy for me and time consuming so I let that go. Instagram, pinterest and twitter have been my thing lately until Friday. While I was busy at home Friday evening I decided to check a notification I just got. It was a comment on one of my posts, I didn’t get time to process the whole situation or think straight I immediately decided to deactivate my accounts. For some reason I still see the world in this very innocent view  but I have realized that it is not always so rosy out there, some things will shake the living day lights out of you and will send you packing to your crying corner if you are not mentally strong. Yes I didn’t sleep on Friday, woke up on Saturday to go to work in my zombie state but boy didn’t I quickly snap out of it  when I had a conversation with the sigother. The conversation reminded me of a TEDX Talk by Amy Morin the 13 Things Mentally Strong People don’t Do.

I know becoming a mentally strong person will not happen overnight but this is one thing I need to gift myself with.


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