If I Was Not Afraid I Would……

For some time I have known that I have multiple interests. It seemed like every other day I  have something new in my mind that distracted me from the project I had at the time. As exciting as it was, it was scary at the same time, I didn’t mind the new interests, what got to me and scared me was when I got interested in topics that made me feel like I needed a total career change. For months I was sad because inside I had all this things I wanted to do but was so afraid to start instead tried pushing them aside and continued with my mundane boring routine.  I discover late last year that it was fine to have multiple interests and there is actually a word for people like me – MULTIPOTENTILITE. People close to me know that I am always talking about something New I wanted to do but I never really pursued most of the stuff I spoke about because secretly as a perfectionist I was always afraid. I was afraid that by pursuing my interests I would fail and the perfectionist in me as well as my ego would have none of that.
After reading up on other people with similar traits – having mulitiple interests I discovered that I actually have a few friends who are the same. I stopped feeling like a weirdo because every other day my brain was being stimulated by something new. I made a decision to allow myself to do whatever new ‘thing’ I am into. Let me try to explain how my brain works, I can’t stand routine, in my mind routine leads to boredom and boredom leaves space in my mind for all kinds of thoughts, mostly negative thoughts. I realized that the times I got into trouble growing was only when I was bored. If you meet me during one of my bored spells you would swear I am about to go crazy (it has felt like that sometimes). Luckily I have a wonder mind that know how to keep itself entertained but all it does is come up with exciting ideas and the rest of the body has to follow then I am happy girl.

So here is to me doing what makes me happy, what brings me joy, here is fearlessly allowing my creative side go wild .

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