I lost my phone today

Today is only Wednesday but so much has happened already. I had to face the truth about a situation last night that ended up with two broken hearts but it had to be done and I have been having the most vivid dreams that are actually coming true one after the other (you can imagine how confusing that is for me). As a way to relax I usually cycle to the gym, the 10 minutes cycle is my quiet time, just me and nothingness – no thoughts, like always my routine included packing my gym bag, switching on the fitness tracker app on my phone and play some music. This is done without me even thinking about it. After cycling for about a kilometer I realized I actually dropped my phone (I put it in my hoodies pocket). For someone who loves their phone, I was overwhelmed with panic, I immediately made a U-turn and cycled back retracing my tracks while saying silent prayers that I either find it where it fell or a good Samaritan found it is waiting for me to call.
Long story short, I got my phone, a good Samaritan did pick it up and was waiting for me to call and collect it. I learned two things, that I need to learn to be present, to be aware of the now not the future not the past but the wonder gift of this moment. I also realized that by showing a stranger kindness one might not be rewarded now but this person you showed kindness might pay it forward with a loved one or a stranger all because of you💟

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